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Posted by / Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Buddy The Beagle

This is our trouble maker beagle.. Isn't he silly! He was scared his human was going to take a bubble bath with out him..My son had started a bubble bath and walked away for a moment and this is what he had come back too! Crazy dog! He is so in love with my son, he sleeps on his bed all day waiting for him to return from school and then he seems to go crazy!
Trying to get some of this soap off of him..Oh well now he is clean! Maybe this was because he missed his Saturday bath appointment with my middle son and was a little bummed out when he saw he might take a bath with out him.... Have a wonderfully fantastic week everyone!


  1. What a sweetheart! Pets sure do make our lives full of smiles!!!

  2. He is so cute! Your family must be filled with lots of fun and laughter with Buddy :D

  3. Love these photos. We had a beagle in S.Africa but I am certain that he had a screw loose in his head!! He was so adorable, but he could not be left on his own. Somebody always had to be with him or he would wreck the place. It made life very difficult at times. I cannot imagine him having a bubble bath though :) Diane

  4. OMG! He is absolutely adorable! :) I love it! Thanks for sharing, Serena! Hugs:)

  5. Oh, these photos gave me the biggest smile this morning! I cannot ever imagine our lab wanting to hop into the bathtub...LOL.

  6. Buddy is a cutie! It's sweet that he waits for your son. We love all animals, but especially dogs! We have three, Roxanne, Rambo and Rocket.
    Happy March!!!



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