Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to the most fabulous Husband ever! He's such an amazing man! The picture above was taken at Canlis last year for our Birthday, if you never been it must be put on the bucket list because the view and service where impeccable! 
Yes, you heard right it was taken on our Birthday last year! Colt and I share the same fabulous day 6 years apart! Who would have thought the man of my dreams could have the same Birthday! I remember when he first told me his Birthday I was sure my girlfriend had already told him my Birthday and it was some kind of hokey pick up line! I mean what where the chances this gorgeous man could have my Birthday, he was the first person I ever met to share the date. I even went as far as to check his I.D., the poor guy received the royal interrogation.. I knew he was a keeper after surviving that and kept him I have! 
So Happy Birthday To You I love you more everyday! You truly are an amazing man!


  1. Such a sweet story! Thank you for sharing and how special to share the same birthday :) Hope you guys have a wonderful day together! Happy Birthday to you both!

  2. Amazing, happy birthday to you both. Have a good day. Diane

  3. Happy Happy birthday sweetums! Hope it's wonderful beautiful!

  4. Happy Birthday to you both!!! That is so cool that you two share the same birthday!
    Hope all was wonderful!

  5. Sweet story and very sweet couple! Happy Birthday to your both! :)

  6. That's so great you share the same birthday!! Hope you had a great one!! God Bless!!

  7. Nice way to celebrate. Happy belated Birthday to you both.

  8. Happy birthday to you both. Both of you look very good together and look like a perfect couple. God bless both of you!

  9. Happy birthday to both of you....sharing the same birthday is so romantic :-)


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