Good times!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
My boys! They are just soo sweet..At least when the camera's on!

 The mother's day dinner my husband made! Yummmm
 My son super excited we are headed to Oregon to see family!
His brother took the photo!
 Dad's surprise we went to the beach for a day! He's such a good husband! We almost weren't able to go as my husband had the gas can catch fire in the back yard and burnt his legs with second degree burns. But my husband convinced the doctor he would take good care of the wound!
 Mason showing off his raccoon hat at the Lewis and Clark exhibit!
 Well I guess Dad wanted to play dress up too!
 Logan taking a junior park ranger pledge! He was so serious and excited!
 Logan super stoked he found a whole sand dollar on the beach!
 The grub down with my family! Such great food and even better company!
A group photo! I sure miss my family!
 An oldie but a goodie! We had hiked 7 miles this day and the boys where exhausted and cranky but near the end they showed some brotherly love when they thought no one was looking! This picture had nothing to do with our week, I just miss how little they where so I shared!
 Another oldie but this one cracks me up as my youngest wouldn't hand over the jaw breaker to his father! So he was almost asleep trying to lick it! He's such a ham. P.S. We usually don't buy jaw breakers but the kids begged and pleaded until Dad gave in!

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