Our Birthday

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Tomorrow we will celebrate our birthday. My husband and I where born on the same day 6 years apart. This years a milestone birthday for me, I don't feel ready to have. Where have the years gone and when did the kids grow so much? Why does this all happen so fast? Can I not put the rest of our lives in slow motion.

So being me I asked my husband what exactly have I accomplished in the last 13 and a half years we have been together? He looked at me and said you have been raising 3 wonderful children and have done an amazing job! Me being me again said are you sure I've done good enough? His response of course you have.

The kids have grown so fast our daughter is going to middle school this year which scares the day lights out of me! It seems like just yesterday, I was baking banana bread 9 months pregnant in the kitchen when my water broke and then refusing to go to the hospital until the bread was baked. I will say it was worth the wait since we came home to banana bread ;) She is an amazing child, her voice was blessed to her by God and a amazing intelligence. She had scored 2nd highest in the district for her hi-cap testing last year and will be starting middle school off in the hi-cap program. She always has tips on how to improve on things or save money. She is old beyond her years.

It seems like yesterday our middle son was pushing around furniture and learning to walk. He was such a blessing as a baby he had the most amazing eye's. He now has idea's of his own and becomes frustrated with his siblings messiness. He has become less snugly and more opinionated. But when no one is looking and his siblings are busy he sneaks in for a hug and a kiss. He is my math whiz. He teaches me patience, as we are so much alike sometimes.

 Then the baby of the bunch reminds me he is no longer a baby but a big man. He still looks at me and tells me how much he loves me and how pretty I am almost every day. I dread the day he's to old to  say that and becomes embarrassed. I think he is my reminder to slow down.

I really don't know how full time working Mom's do what they do. It has been hard enough working part time for the last 7 years. I worry have I done well enough?

I blink and before I know it the kids will be asking their Dad to teach them how to drive, scary thought. He reminds me sometimes I am over protective and I have to let the kids grow a bit with in reason. Some times he is my voice of reason. He is amazing. My husband for the last 7 years has worked 50- 75 hour work weeks, yet he still finds time to spend with the kids. He's been up in the morning after working till 5 or 6 am to fix them breakfast and take them to school. He tries to come home when he works late for dinner even if it means he's only home for 20 minutes. He doesn't complain about what he has to do. He just reminds me one step at a time and we will get through this. I love him so much!

So I am spending today deciding what I would really like to accomplish in the next 10 years. I would love to go to Italy and France, learn something new, help my blog to become successful, continue to spend quality time with my kids in hopes they will enjoy coming home to have dinner on the table as they grow older, and make sure my husband, family and friends know just how much I love them and how thankful I am for everyone! As another blogger reminded me yesterday, do something you love everyday. So I will try to incorporate that into my life going forward. Our time here is so short and goes so fast. But I feel so truly blessed for my family and friends!

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