Photo's Of The Week and Y'all Rock!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011
I can share pictures like this with you all! I uploaded all my pictures from the week and here this was. My baby sleeping on top of our beagle. Isn't it cute! I guess his older brother caught this and snapped a photo!
This is Bell our vicious guard dog! He also took this photo! My little camera man! It was fun to see the picture's he had been taking!
Last weekend my lovely daughter read until she feel asleep. I walked in to tell her lights out and there she was sound asleep with a book still pressed to her face. I will probably get into trouble for posting this but I found it priceless!

I also wanted to let everyone know I am sooo thankful for all of you! The support and friends you make while blogging I never anticipated! When I started I realized I just wanted to make beautiful things even if nobody care's! Quoted off of my Pinterest Board. Yet to end up with all the lovely comments and to be able to see what everyone else is making and doing really has made this something I look forward to doing every week! So I guess what I'm getting at is Y'all Make My Week! Thanks for being there!

P.S. German Chocolate Cake and a Casserole will be appearing soon! Enjoy!
I guess off to clean the bathroom I go! Yuck!

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  1. The pictures are wonderful! What a lovely family - and I can't wait to see the cake and casserole! I'm glad you're having fun with pinterest (I've not gotten into it yet) and blogging....


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