Bell, Buddy And A Bake Sale.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This is a daily occurrence around our house!  When Buddy's not busy getting into some kind of major trouble, he's curled up sleeping next to Bell..
Sometime I think God made beagles so cute to help tolerate all the trouble they cause! 
His nose is into everything! 
Garbage, head phones, dirty socks.. If it's gross he probably wants to eat it, crazy dog.
Just for the record shelties are so easy, beagles on the other hand not so much! 
But they are very loyal, huge lovers and have terrible gas... Ugh..Buddy not again! 

As Colt was snapping the photo Bell became a little annoyed and sent him the stink eye! Hey you, yah you can't you see I'm trying to sleep here! It's not my fault I'm so cute! 
Then back to sleep she went! I've realized they always sleep in the same position like an old married couple, even if there up on the boys bed! Such silly dogs! 
On another note Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch volunteered to make 1 dozen Chewy Spiced Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for The Bake Sale For The Philippines over at that will kick off on Monday 11/25/2013! Please make sure to stop by and bid for a worthy cause on some very delicious cookies! 
It was hard deciding what cookie to make but these are always a family favorite! 


  1. Very cute dogs, Love those cookies Serena

  2. Such a sweet picture! My mother also has a beagle named Buddy! His nose also gets him in a lot of trouble, but I suppose it runs in their genes :) Your cookies looks amazing and I will definitely check out the bake sale!

  3. Gotta love some dogs! We have a lab girl named Murphy who at 6 continues to amaze us (and her Vet) with how she still eats EVERYTHING! A definite alpha pup beginning has led to an amazing never a dull moment life with the eater of computer keys, paper money, undies and socks, every fruit and veg imaginable, and the ultimate panic of devouring several hidden theater box sized Raisinette packs (including the box!) which resulted in an emergency stomach pump and thankful recovery! My spunky monkey 4 legged kid is sleeping beside me as I type this, probably dreaming of her next heist. Love the cookies and the thought behind them. Good luck with the bake sale!

  4. Your doggies are adorable, I know they're such a part of the family. Your cookies look scrumptious, I know they'll be a hit!

  5. my mom is a groomer we have 3 shelties one beagle 2 muts look up paw bright pet salon u will get $5 off because she luvs shelties so much


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