A Boy And His Beagle.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
A Boy And His Beagle.
Colt looked out the back door the other day to see what LJ was doing and caught this happening so he grabbed the camera.
LJ had invited Buddy up on the trampoline and they were just hanging out.
I'm pretty sure LJ invited him up after Buddy spent about 5 minutes howling at him.
He howls whenever  he's not getting his way, crazy dog.
LJ usually gives in..
These two melt my heart into a giant puddle of mush! 
A Boy and his beagle taking a nap.
Then they decided to take a nap.
I'm pretty sure Buddy had no complaints because there's nothing he rather do then nap with his boy.
Buddy the beagle taking a nap.
Just in case you had any doubts this had happened just the day prior.
No matter how much I say no dogs on the couch Buddy always climbs up with LJ.
He told me other wise he howls and won't stop.
It's true Buddy wears us down by howling until LJ lets him up on the couch or moves to the floor.
Such a spoiled dog but I can't help but love him because he loves my boy so much! 

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  1. We had a beagle in South Africa, loved it to bits but I am sure there was a loose screw in his head!! Have a good weekend Diane


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