My Favorite Tips And Tricks For Keeping Hydrated

Monday, June 1, 2015
My Favorite Tips and Tricks For Keeping Hydrated.
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Lorna was instructed last week from the Doctor that she needs to be making sure she is consuming plenty of water.
One of her biggest complaints I encountered is she hates the taste of tap water out of the fountain or faucet and it's not practical for her to carry around numerous containers of bottled water especially at school or on the go.
So when I found a Hard Sided Brita Filtered Water Bottle in the Hardware section of Walmart I figured it was worth a try.
Our tap water dilemma on the go was solved.
My Favorite Tips and Tricks For Keeping Hydrated a Brita Filtered Water Bottle.
The filter in the water bottle gives her the same clean taste as our filtered water making consumption less of a chore.
Her Doctor also recommended setting a timer like a watch or a cell phone so she remembers to consistently drink plenty of water and isn't waiting until she's thirsty.
My Favorite Tips and Tricks For Keeping Hydrated. Ounces or liters marked on the side of water bottle.
I also loved that the Brita Filtered Water Bottle has easy to read markings on the side in milliliters and ounces to help Lorna keep track of just how much water she's consumed in the day.
Just since I've surprised her with the bottle I've noticed she's drinking a lot more water and when we were at the park she was no longer was complaining about the taste of water out of the fountain.
The boys even asked if they had any other colors at the store and if I would buy them one next time I go by Walmart.
Lucky for them there were a few color options to choose from and the filtered water bottles are much less expensive over time then bottled water! 
We found adding a little ice to the water bottle before leaving home can help keep refills cool on a hot day.
Whether your looking for a way to keep yourself or you kids hydrated Brita Filtered Water Bottles are the perfect way to make tap water taste great at home or on the go! 
Not only is drinking enough water essential to kidney function, digestion and increased energy it also contributes to healthier skin, improves complexion and helps prevent over snacking.
What's not to love! 

Just to recap on my favorite ways to stay hydrated this summer:
  1. A filtered water bottle like the Brita Filtered Water Bottle helps make tap water taste great even on the go and makes consumption more enjoyable! It also is more affordable then bottled water.
  2. Setting a timer on a watch or cell phone is a great way to make sure you aren't waiting until you are thirsty to drink water.
  3. Make sure to refill the water bottle when it starts to get low, it's much easier to consume enough water when you are consistently sipping on it! 
  4. Fill your water bottle with ice before leaving the house so when you refill your water bottle at a fountain you still have cold water.
  5. Having a water bottle with liters or ounces on the side makes it easy to know just how much water you are consuming.
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  1. The most common poison in our water here in Western NY is Flouride, and it is a killer. About eight years ago after searching and reading and studying water filter systems, we found Berkey Systems on line and it has proven to be fantastic. Fantastic prices. Takes out arsenic too and all other poisons. Since then I freeze bottles of BPA free plastic with the water and carry it everywhere I go, even into fancy places to eat. Not taking any chances.


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