Logan And The Netti Pot Demonstration!

Thursday, June 9, 2011
This is our ultimate stuffy nose problem solver! It works better then any decongestant. My son was sick a few weeks ago and couldn't breath through his nose, so he asked to use the Netti pot and suggested we do a demonstration. This solved the problem and he was able to sleep fine that night. Our whole family uses the Netti pot including the youngest who is 6. It feels a bit strange the first few times as the salt water will run through 1 nostril and out the lower nostril. If you are extremely congested it might not run out the other side but will loosen it up, you'll be surprise what will move!

Fill the Netti pot with filtered water the same temperature as your body. The easiest way I test this to place a bit of water on my wrist, like a babies bottle if it's to hot or cold you will be able to feel, as the wrist is very sensitive. Add a pinch of natural sea salt no iodine added. Too much or too little sea salt can contribute to burning. It should taste like tears.
Logan tilts his head to the side and rhythmically breaths deeply in and out of his mouth as to not inhale the water, the water pulse's into his nose.This creates a pump action in the Netti pot helping move the mucus. A little might run down the back of your throat. Don't panic, we've discovered sometimes the other side is clogged. This happened to Logan so we took a break and he gently blew the side with water out, rested a minute and repeated on the opposite nostril.
We went back to the first nostril, it was now clear enough to flush his nose. Continue with slow deep breaths through the mouth.The water dripping is coming out of the lower nostril and he is laughing because it tickles a little. He then was able to sleep that night. Thank you Netti pot for saving the day!

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  1. Really netty pots is big nose problem solver.I too have sinus problems and i used neti pot.It works better than other and gives me better impact.


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