An Amazing Adventure to Silverwood

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cars ready for Silverwood!
The start to a 4 day long adventure! The cars packed and crammed, ready to go camping!

We headed to Round Lake State Park in Idaho, it was a very nice camp ground and spent our last full day at Silverwood. I was surprised  by Silverwood it was almost a mini Disney Land with a water park! Such a great time!

Since I love food! Dinner the first night consisted of chicken fajitas with roasted corn on the cob.
Dad setting up the camp with the kids. We arrived late so I was trying to cook while my husband unloaded the car, set up the tent and tried to keep my fire burning!
We where so hungry by this point but no one wanted to stop and eat fast food. Such a delicious fajita! I will be making fajitas every time we camp.
Dinner's done and I think the kids where asleep in about 60 seconds. They're so sweet when there asleep!
Next morning everyone's ready to go fishing! I forgot to take a picture of breakfast but we had sausages from Silvana meats, eggs, and fruit. Silvana makes the best sausage in house I have ever tasted!
Everyone but me working on hooking a worm... Gross.. I'll just be over here taking a picture!
Hmm... and what are you planning on doing? It looks like no good!
Are you sure you felt a tug?
Wow you did feel a tug! Too bad not big enough to fry up!
A cute little dragon fly came to visit.. It must be our reeking body odor from no shower the night before!
Hubby did dinner on night 2... Steak potatoes and asparagus over the fire! So delicious!
He makes the best asparagus!
Day 3 at Silverwood.. This strange, creepy cat kept following us around so my hubby thought we should take a pic... Maybe he thought if we where eaten we would at least have a picture of the big, strange, orange cat following us around.

For dinner we went to Lindy's in the park. I was so surprised at how good the food was for being in the park and super affordable! A must stop at Silverwood!
Then it was on to the bumper cars! Watch out I'm gonna get you!
Then there was these two. Do you really dare me?
On the way home we stopped at a view point across from the petrified forest and found this little guy hiding in the shade.. Can you find him?
Family picture time!
My cranky man and his blistered feet being carried back to the car.
Then this one wanted a ride.. Sorry Charley not today!
Well I carried him about 10 feet before his weight and the 95 degree weather added up and I handed him over to his father for the rest of the trip to the car.
LJ holding up the wind turbine with his super strong muscles.
Oh yeah, these are defiantly mine!
Almost home we see clouds coming over the mountains. How depressing.

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