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Thursday, September 1, 2011
Girls Star Bedroom This room seems like it was a long work in progress.

We still have a lot of work to do, aka paint the base molding, doors, and finish moving in the last of my super stars stuff. But I decided it was time to post the post instead of waiting any longer.

The colors of the room where inspired from the bed spread my daughter had found last spring, and she knew she would like some kind of stars on the wall. We worked together to choose colors and the chandelier.

My hunka hunka burn'n love did the custom painting on the wall. He is such an incredible artist! He also constructed the bed from scratch creating his own design, simply amazing! Then Mr. HOT construction man went on to paint the boys room into a Seahawks room.

He's just so HOT, with all his skills! On another note, I have been up since 2:45 am this morning so if my post seems a little of we can blame the lack of sleep.

 This is a picture of  the boy's room when the switch happened! Not very masculine.
 I'm sure every boys crazy about the pink computer area! If you where a boy wouldn't you want a pink and purple room?
 The beginning stages of my husband assembling the bed! Let me tell you I was thinking he was crazy at this point, when he convinced me he could make a bed with nothing other then wood, a drawing he made and some tools.
 A picture of the foot board.
 OK now you have me on the same page.. Maybe you where right I was wrong! I can throw in the towel. Especially for a hot construction man!
 Then he went on to remove the pink and purple from the larger of the two rooms so the boys have there Seahawks room back!
 Working on the hash marks on the wall!
 He is so creative! The picture to the right is where we are now! He is still going to paint the Seahawks emblem and a few other murals on the wall! I can't wait to see his finished product! He had painted an awesome muril on the ground at a school in West Seattle a few years ago for Kaboom and received a compliment from Marcus Trufant, who was at the event! I will have to add the pictures one of these days!

 A few more picture of the super star room. I just love it! I wish I my room had been like this!

 Oh and can't forget Lil Belle belle and Buddie! Crazy dogs! The kids must have been ignoring them today!

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