The One And Only Turkey

Monday, November 28, 2011
Updated: I have now posted the full recipe with printable directions for the Super Juicy Turkey Baked In Cheesecloth! It's one of my most popular recipes.

I thought I would add a picture of the turkey so everyone could see how it turns out with cheesecloth over the top. For a 29 lb bird it was really moist, sadly the leftover's are long gone. This baby cooked for 7 hours at 300 degree's. At the 6 1/2 hour mark I removed the cheese cloth to give the turkey it's lovely golden brown color. My very rough directions are Turkey Directions. I forgot to mention I remove the cheese cloth a 1/2 hour before the turkey is done in the previous post. 

I will have to up date it.. I really didn't have any other photo's as I was so busy cooking and visiting. I feel pretty lucky my Hubby snap a photo of the turkey!
Good old Mr. turkey all bundled up with his butter rub of herbs and butter under and over the top of his skin and his cheese cloth soaked in wine, broth and butter to keep him nice and moist. I basted every 20 minutes and removed the cheese cloth 1/2 before turkey was scheduled to be done. Enjoy!


  1. What a gorgeous bird!!! I need to go up a few pounds next year...but maybe not to! I'd love to try your cheesecloth method.

  2. Your turkey looks gorgeous. I was wondering when I read the other post how is browned - makes total sense to remove it a little bit before being done.


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