Top Recipes Of 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012
Drum roll please...
The top post of the year was Fully Loaded Baked Potato Soup
Was it possible the recipe wouldn't become an internet sensation? I think not! 
Bacon, cheese, chives, greek yogurt and we must not forget the thing that set's this recipe apart the crispy potato skins on top!
Fantastic pick!
This recipe was also featured at the Tasty Kitchen Blog by What's Gaby Cooking! Her exact review of the soup was I’m so jazzed to be back and I’m kicking things off with basically the most amazing soup to ever come into existence. Swoon! 
Yes she swooned over my Fully Loaded Baked Potato Soup and if you haven't tried it you will swoon too! 
Another favorite pick of anyone we feed it too! Pure deliciousness!
This dish makes for a very happy Hubby!
A wonderful fusion of my favorite flavors! 
Who couldn't use a soft, garlicky, cheesy breadstick to go with the other 2 top post's of the year? 
These are a common dinner addition in our house! 
Super de duper on the tasty scale!
All I can say is you all have good taste! 
This chili is healthy and heavenly! 
Is this possible?
Yep, it is!
Another favorite chili! I can't wait to have a chili party as football season comes to a close! 
I promise this chili will not disappoint!
This post was written in the first few months of blogging but has been so much more popular then I could have ever imagined! It has had great reviews! 
The pictures might not be the greatest but the recipe deserves to be in the top 10!
I always new there was a reason we were friends! It's because you all have fabulous taste buds! 
This is a must for any party, family game night, movie night, Super Bowl Party, or any other reason to make this! 
Best part is it's a fairly healthy snack with 4 tablespoons of butter in a huge bowl! 
Finger licking good!
It's about time a dessert showed up on the list and I couldn't have chosen a better one myself! 
Fresh pineapple with caramelly goodness! 
Oh and I almost forgot the crunchy edge!
Caramelly, oatmeally, goodness! Topped with a layer of chocolate and pecans!
Come to Mom-ma! 
Defiantly a favorite in our house! 

I would like to take a minute and thank everyone who takes the time to read the blog, leave me the wonderful comments and are so very supportive!  
I couldn't have a better set of friends, even if I don't even know what you look like!
I look forward to sharing a fabulous New Year with each and everyone of you! 
XOXO Serena


  1. Happy new Year to you and your sweet family, Serena! Hope it is filled with many blessings throughout the whole year. xoxoxox Hugs sweetie.

  2. All of them look so sinfully delicious that I don't know which one to start from. I guess you've already heard that you are a cooking genius?

  3. All look delicious...oh, I am already so hungry! I would definitely try the fully loaded potato soup and the pineapple upside down cake! Happy New Year!


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