How To Clean A Stained Stainless Steel Coffee Pot

Friday, November 20, 2015
How to Clean a Stained Stainless Steel Coffee Pot without a lot of elbow grease!

I'm almost ashamed to admit just how bad the stain on the inside of our Stainless Steel Coffee Pot had become but I'm sure some of you have run into the same dilemma and wondered how to clean a stained stainless steel coffee pot.

The coffee oils have slowly cooked into a thick layer of build up that is seemingly impossible to removed no matter how much elbow grease you apply.

Even the regular run through the dishwasher didn't touch it.

But never fear my friends I'm sharing another one of my all time favorite Cleaning 101 tips: How To Clean A Stainless Steel Coffee Pot.

Best part is it takes very little effort and you should have both ingredients readily available.

With the holidays here I figure it's perfect time to clean the coffee pot before company arrives but easy enough to do once a week so you'll never encounter the embarrassment of a stained coffee pot again.

Wow, yep that is one really badly stained coffee pot! 

Place 1/2 cup Baking Soda into the empty coffee pot. 

Fill with boiling hot water until full.

This activates the baking soda. Baking soda naturally breaks down the grease by having a chemical reaction with the boiling water.

The mixture should be bubbling.

Allow coffee pot to soak for 20 minutes or until the water is cool enough to touch.

Use a sink brush or non-scratching scrub sponge and clean the pot.

Empty out the dirty water.

Yikes it was definitely dirty! 

Please no one tell my Granny if you see her in heaven.

It's looking better but now you can see the area's I missed the first time I scrubbed the pot.

Scrub any remaining coffee residue until clean.

It should come off really easy! 

Rinse the coffee pot well and your ready to make a new pot of coffee!

The hardest part was waiting for the water to cool.


  1. Was the coffee dry before you put the baking soda in it?

    1. Hi! The coffee pot was empty but it doesn't have to be dry.

  2. Amazing this actually works ! I never knew my coffee pot could be so clean again.

  3. Can this be used on an electric coffee pot?


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