22 Delicious Salad Recipes

Wednesday, March 15, 2023
If you are looking for some Salad Recipe ideas look no further! I have 22 Delicious Salad Recipes to give you some inspiration from dinner salads to delicious side salads. There is something for everyone in this collection of salad recipes.
A down shot of 4 different Salad Recipes with a white banner between the top two and bottom two with black text 22 Delicious Salad Recipes.

It's the time of year where everyone starts trying to shed the holiday pounds and get ready for the summer, or maybe that's just me.

So I found 22 Delicious Salad Recipes you're sure to love, because no one wants to eat a boring salad everyday!  

I like having a quick list of salads to add to the dinner rotation a few nights a week to keep us on the right track.

 Whether it's for a bbq, potluck, picnic, or easy meal these salads are sure to get your taste buds salivating.

A down shot of Mediterranean Pasta Salad in a cream colored bowl with a blue plaid napkin to the right hand side.

Mediterranean Pasta Salad  Hearty enough for dinner but easy enough for lunch. This is one of those salads that only gets better after a day in the fridge and we love to make ahead of time. The leftovers are frequently fought over in our house. 

A down shot of Beet Orange Salad on a white tray with a floral blue napkin in the background.

Beet Orange Salad is a delicious Salad recipe with roasted beet, oranges, clementines and drizzled with a tarragon vinaigrette. 

A side shot of Spicy Lentil and Sweet Potato Salad on a white plate with a fork resting on the edge of the right hand side of plate.

Spicy Lentil and Sweet Potato Salad from Life Currents is such an easy salad with a spicy chipotle vinaigrette. I'm always looking for recipes that incorporate lentils and this ones sure to hit the spot. It has a wonderful combination of flavors that looks delicious to try. 

A down shot of Grapefruit Avocado Salad in a cream colored bowl on a wooden cutting board with a white and green stripped kitchen towel in the top left corner under the bowl..

Grapefruit Avocado Salad With Grapefruit Vinaigrette  is one of my favorite salads at the moment. I love to add grilled shrimp, chicken, or steak for an easy light meal.

A side shot of Copycat Wendy's Apple Pecan Chicken Salad on a wooden cutting board with pecans around the edge.

Copycat Wendy's Apple Pecan Chicken Salad from Noshing With The Noland's is a fun lunch or heathy dinner! I love the apple/blue cheese combo. So many delicious flavors come together in this salad recipe.

A down shot of Broccoli Salad in a cream colored bowl with wooden serving utensils to the left side of photo.

Broccoli Salad with Bell Pepper, Cheddar Cheese Cubes, Red Onion and Sunflower Seeds tossed with a delicious Asian Sesame Vinaigrette is a favorite salad for the holidays, picnics, potlucks, or barbecues.

Italian Cucumber Salad in a bowl with a fork full held over the bowl.

Simple Style Italian Cucumber Salad  Only four simple, good quality ingredients (including salt) are all you need!

A down shot of Blueberry Strawberry Kale Salad in a cream bowl on a marble counter top with strawberries and blueberries sprinkled around the edge.

Kale Strawberry Blueberry Salad With Champagne Vinaigrette  this to me is just a giant bowl of sunshine and a great way to help shake off the winter blues. 

The kale is massaged with the champagne vinaigrette that makes it so much more tender and soft. I think it's a necessary step to a delicious kale salad. This one is also delicious with your favorite protein added and the kale holds up rather well if there's leftovers. 

A down shot of Quinoa Salad with Lentils and Tomatoes on a white plate.

Quinoa Salad with Lentils and Tomatoes from Green Bowl 2 Soul is a simple salad loaded with delicious ingredients and textures. A protein-rich salad is vegan and gluten-free.

A side shot of a glass bowl of Fruity Kale Salad with Asian Vinaigrette.

Fruity Kale Salad with Asian Vinaigrette from Manila Spoon has so many wonderful flavors in this bowl. It's great for a side, or with chicken, or shrimp for a main course.

A down shot of Goat Cheese Salad with Herb and Walnut Vinaigrette in a white bowl with a white banner at the bottom with black text Goat's Cheese Salad with Herb & Walnut Vinaigrette.

Goat's Cheese Salad With Herb &Walnut Vinaigrette from Lovefoodies This salad is not only gorgeous but easy enough for a weeknight, but impressive enough for company. 

A down shot of Chicken Strawberry Blueberry Pineapple Salad in a white low profile bowl.

Chicken Strawberry Blueberry Pineapple Salad With Poppy Seed Vinaigrette salads is a copy cat of Panera's salad and always a favorite in our house.  It's great for lunch, dinner, or to bring to your next potluck.

A side shot of 2 Roasted Beet Salads on a white plate.

Roasted Beet Salad from Culinary Ginger I adore this gorgeous salad and beets. So many great flavors and easy to make.

A down shot of Greek Salad in a cream colored bowl.

Greek Salad  We love this one as a side! It's great for picnics, potlucks, bbq's as well! 

A down shot of Rainbow Salad with Chinese Vinaigrette on a wooden board.

Rainbow Salad with Chinese Vinaigrette by The Cinnamon Jar is a scrumptious rainbow salad with a Chinese inspired dressing will literally have you eating the rainbow! No less than 12 fruits and veggies in all their glorious textures and colours. This colourful salad is perfectly balanced with sweet vs savoury,crunchy and crisp vs soft and creamy.
A down shot of Thai Taco Salad on a white plate.

Thai Taco Salad from Nums The Word Thai and Mexican in one tasty salad for a delicious win on dinner!   

A down shot of Salmon Ni├žoise Salad on a white rectangular plate.

Salmon Nicoise Salad  happens to be our all time favorite salad at our house. We make this on a regular basis as soon as salmons in season.

A down shot of Spinach Salad with Pomegranate Balsamic Vinaigrette  on a white plate.

Spinach Salad With Pomegranate Balsamic Vinaigrette from A Dish Of Daily Life a simple salad packed with tons of flavor! I love the addition of pine nuts for a little added texture.

A down shot of Grilled Peach Salad drizzled with Raspberry Vinaigrette on a white plate.

Grilled Peach Salad With Raspberry Vinaigrette the minute ripe peaches hit the market this salad is another staple in our house! It's wonderful with grilled chicken, steak or shrimp for extra protein.

A side shot of Buffalo Chicken Cobb Salad.

Buffalo Cobb Salad from The Rising Spoon is layered with crisp lettuce, tender chicken, tangy buffalo sauce, crumbled blue cheese, creamy avocado, juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumber, salty bacon, and more!

A down shot of Citrus Salad on a white rectangular platter.

Citrus salad from What A Girl Eats is a beautiful blend of blood and naval oranges, grapefruit slices, and avocado drizzled with an orange dijon vinaigrette.
A down shot of Tomato and Green Bean Salad in a white bowl.

Green Bean Salad with Tomatoes from The Flour Handprint blanched green beans, sweet cherry tomatoes, and a tangy lemon dill vinaigrette make a refreshing addition to any meal.


  1. All look so yummy, I love a great salad anytime!!

  2. I'm glad I don't have to pick a favorite because these all look so good. Great round-up.

  3. These are making me hungry! I love a good salad! Thanks for including my Spicy Lentil and Sweet Potato Salad as well!

  4. The flavors, the textures, the colors - everything about this fab collection of salads is amazing! Thanks for adding one of ours and for inspiring us to eat more healthy in 2016!!!


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