The Cable Knit Scarf Project!

Friday, May 27, 2011
This is a scarf I started knitting last November. At the time I was super motivated and had just finished a super simple plain scarf. My first knitting project since I was my daughters age.

I had dragged my husband to a yarn store in Seattle to look for 100% Organic Wool and found it. My mother had said," Organic Wool isn't as irritating as regular wool because of how its handled and washed." Guess what after careful research and knitting through 2 rolls of yarn with my highly sensitive skin, she was right! Organic wool is so luxe and soft I absolutely love the way it feels! 

Then Thanksgiving and Christmas arrived! With all the hustle and bustle and I realized my Christmas scarf wasn't going to be finished. So, it slipped into the bag and hid from my eye until yesterday. Back to work it is! I'm about 2/3rds of the was through and can't wait to finish it, even if it will sit in the closet for an undecided recipient! Then possibly a blanket to come...

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  1. I love knit scarves! A loop knit scarf is my favorite though. Good luck on knitting your scarf!


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