How to Clean A Porcelain Sink

Monday, September 26, 2011

This is my dirty sink! Yuck! I know gross! I usually wouldn't advertise my dirty sink on my blog, but how else could I show you my favorite way to clean it?

I don't understand cleaning dishes, scrubbing floors or for a matter of fact washing my kids or my own body with petroleum, it makes no sense to me. So I try to limit exposure as much as possible.

I try to use more natural things around the house to clean with and thought maybe here and there I would share my little tips.


This is a 2 product job.

First I get the sink damp with water. Then I sprinkle baking soda all over the sink. I like to let it sit for about 5- 10 minutes.

I must say baking soda and vinegar are 2 of my favorite cleaning products along with a little lavender and orange essential oil, my house is clean chemical free and smells great!


Another favorite made by seventh generation, multi surface concentrated cleaner in lavender. 

No I haven't received a penny to do an ad. I just love this stuff. Just a few drops over the baking soda or a little dish soap works well too. 

I also dilute this in the sink with some vinegar, water, essential oils and wash glass, mirrors and floors  with it. 10 times better then Windex when you dry the mirror immediately there is no streaks or residue. 

If that alone is not good enough the stuff cost as much as more harmful junk at the store for a 3.50 and it is super concentrate, and has a great smell.

Now it's time to scrub!

Scrub away, I used a rag this time for really hard jobs I might use a magic eraser. I also use the same concoction to clean the bath tub.

I will then spray down the tub with a mixture of vinegar with lavender and orange essential oil to kill any germs. Vinegar is a great natural product that will kill 99 percent of germs if allowed to sit on  a surface for a few minutes and if per se my kids decide to lick the tub or the dogs, you all know those crazy kids and dogs, no one would get sick.

Also lavender is antibacterial and if your super anal you could throw a little thyme essential oil in there, since it too is super antibacterial.


A shiny sink with very little effort and no harmful chemicals. Go ahead give it a try! Please feel free to leave me your favorite cleaning tips.

A few other favorite Cleaning Tips I love are:

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  1. Fantastic!! I love 7th Gen products. I hate how conventional products are just so terrible for the environment - I use eco-friendly whenever I can. Not always, but I'm making a slow transition over to full time eco. :) Thanks for the tip.


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