A Little Trip To Maui

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Were finally back from Maui.

I never had the intention of totally leaving the blog for a week and a half. I hope you all forgive me. But God seemed to see fit for me to take a total vacation. We watched no T.V. and had no internet since our lap top had gone on the fritz a week prior to us leaving. We had such a fabulous time away with our kiddos. 

We cooked, we ate, we played but most importantly we were able to enjoy each other!  We will probably never go back to Maui, we had a great time but we discovered Kauai is our favorite island so far!

We stayed at The Haiku Cannery Inn which was fabulous! We loved all the amenities of the house we rented and the centralized location. Benni our host was fabulous and more then willing to help with anything we may need or questions. 

The property also had tons of fruit trees. The kids enjoyed eating fresh coconuts and limes. The kids were rather sad the oranges and the bananas never ripened by the time we left.

We enjoyed the sunrise from the Haleakala Crater. All I can say is amazing! I think the picture sums it up!

We woke up at 3 am to make it to the sunrise. Well, 3 am plus a few snoozes on the cell phone.. It did make for a fabulous day we enjoyed breakfast at The Kula Lodge. The food was ok but the views were incredible! 

We had a fabulous beach BBQ. We actually cooked more then we ate out this vacation and found it kept us well under budget. Plus we avoided the dreaded travelers belly. 

To stay under budget we bought what we knew we would eat at Costco and most of the rest of our groceries came from Mana Foods. Mana Foods looks like a hole in the wall on the outside but is really huge on the inside. I found the prices quite reasonable for most the things we bought with an emphasis on organic.

The last night we enjoyed dinner at Fleetwoods On First Street. A wonderful women at one of the shops highly recommended it and said ask to eat on the roof top for a fabulous sunset. All I can say is an amazing end to an amazing vacation!

The food was excellent we loved the humus and the kids voted the chocolate cake up there with mine. I definitely say it was to die for! Let's just say that doesn't happen very often! 

The waitress laughed because we arrived a bit earlier then most and seemed to set the trend for the night on what was being ordered all the way down to the drinks. What can I say I know my food.

The night was full of surprises with a Hawaiian blessing, bag pipes, fabulous live music and an appearance from Mick Fleetwood himself. The kids were a bit tired at that point so we didn't hang around much after Mick showed up. We didn't realize Mick owned the restaurant we just thought we found a fabulous place. An extra little bonus to end our night! 

The final sunset in Maui! Truly an amazing night! Aloha!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely holiday!

  2. Oh, what a fantastic vacation! It's great to unplug every once and a while. I remember driving up to see the sunrise on Haleakela...so beautiful.

  3. What an amazing vacation! These are some wonderful photos! Glad you had a wonderful and safe time! Glad your back. :)

  4. WOW! So glad to see all these lovely pictures of you & your family having a wonderful time at Maui! Fabulous! :)


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