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Friday, December 13, 2013

I'm so thankful it's Friday! 
I thought the best way to end the week would be to sip eggnog by the fire and browse through some of my favorite things and recipes I came across this week.

First off I might have a serious cookie problem on my hands. The cookie jars been filled 4 times, yes 4 times this week and is still empty.
 I don't know what a Mom's to do other then hide a secret stash some place no one will look..
So incase you have cookie problems at your house too here are a few of my favorites! 
Yes please! 
Molasses Cookies are a Christmas must in our house! 
Totally crushing on these Current Cookies from Foodie Crush. 
I'm making more of these this weekend and no one can stop me! 

Because I need something a little hardier to balance out all the sugar I'm consuming...
One of my all time favorite comfort foods! 
Cioppino Italian Fisherman's Stew. It wouldn't be Christmas without it! 
My all time Fav meal! 

Other tasty treats I love...
I've made several of her recipes and let me tell you they are always amazing like these:
We had them for dinner last weekend when my sons friend was over who's picky and he even devoured his and had seconds onions and all! 
I think I can smell the lemony goodness coming through the screen! 
I couldn't turn down a slice of this Friendship Peppermint Mud Pie from Cozy Cakes Cottage.
If you share a slice of this with me I promise we'll be friends! 

My all time favorite Cookware I own All-Clad best cookware ever! 
I love what West Jet did for there passengers to spread a little holiday cheer! 
When large companies do thing like this is warms my heart! 

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