Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosas

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosas are the perfect cocktail for anytime. An easy recipe to make and favorite at brunch from Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch.

Are you looking for something refreshing to enjoy with the one you love on Valentines day?

Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosas are the way to go with their bright pink color and refreshing flavor. The perfect cocktail to enjoy for brunch or an after dinner cocktail.

Colt was teasing me the whole time while we were putting these together about my girly drink but after his first sip he said now I know what this summers goto cocktail will be. It's so light and refreshing yet not too sweet and he said my drink was girly.

I promise you this is the perfect cocktail to swoon the one you love or enjoy with your bestie curled up on the couch watching a movie.
Tequila, pink moscato champagne, strawberries, grapefruit, sugar, ice to make Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosas.

You will need good Tequila, pink moscato champagne, strawberries, grapefruit, sugar and ice.

We bought a half bottle of champagne because I'm a cheap date if you know what I mean.

Add sugar, strawberry, grapefruit juice to blender to make Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosas.

In a blender add 5 whole strawberries stems removed and juice of 1 large pink grapefruit. 
(Colt strained the grapefruit juice but this isn't necessary.)

Add one tablespoon Sugar or to taste.

Blend Strawberries until smooth to make Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosas.

Blend until smooth.

Strain Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosa to remove pulp for Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosas.

Use a strainer to remove pulp as you pour strawberry grapefruit juice into the cocktail shaker.

Add 2 ounces Tequila.

Shaked Strawberry Grapefruit mixture with ice until cold for Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosas.

Add 1 cup of ice and shake until well combined and cold.

Fill champagne glasses half way with Strawberry Grapefruit Juice to make Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosas.

Strain out ice and fill 2 champagne glasses half way full of strawberry grapefruit juice.

Top off glasses with pink moscato. 

Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosas. The perfect drink for Valentines Day, Easter Brunch, or a summer gathering filled with strawberries, grapefruit, tequila and topped with champagne from Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch.

Garnish the rim with a small strawberry. Cheers to good food, fun times and being with someone you love. 

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Yield: 2

Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosa

Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosas from Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch.
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prep time: 10 Mcook time: total time: 10 M


  • 5 whole Large Ripe Strawberries, Stem Removed
  • 1 whole Large Pink Grapefruit, Juiced
  • 1 tablespoon Sugar
  • 2 ounces Tequila
  • 1 cup Ice
  • 1 Half Bottle Pink Moscato Champagne, Cold
  • 2 whole Additional Small Strawberries For Garnish


How to cook Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosa

  1. In a blender combine strawberries, grapefruit juice, and sugar. Blend until smooth.
  2. Strain strawberry/grapefruit juice into a cocktail shaker add tequila and ice.
  3. Shake until mixture becomes cold and is well combined.
  4. Strain strawberry tequila mixture into champagne flutes to remove ice, fill halfway full.
  5. Top glasses with champagne and garnish with strawberries.
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Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosas with tequila and pink moscato champagne from Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch.


  1. So many delicious looking recipes. I love how you categorize them - breakfast, lunch & dinner. Stopping by from SITS Blogging.

  2. Easy and refreshing. Great idea for a drink. Thanks! Stopping by via SITS.

  3. This is the most gorgeous color Serena. I love the combination of grapefruit and strawberries, so refreshing!!

    1. Thanks so much Chris! It ended up being perfect for Valentines Day.

  4. This looks wonderful! So pretty for Valentine's Day. #SITSBlogging

  5. Looks great, however I am unable to have grapefruit juice due to the type of medication I take for high blood pressure. I'll have to go with strawberries only for this one, or maybe I'll see what happens if I add a little pineapple juice instead...

  6. Gulp, gulp, gone!! So yummy, love it!!

  7. LOVE this cocktail Serena! It's color is beautiful and makes it perfect for Valentine's Day. But I could personally enjoy this every Sunday with brunch! Happy Valentine's Day! : )

  8. You had me at mimosa! Love fresh citrus in any drink. Happy VD!

  9. I love mimosas but this is a mimosa on steroids. SO beautiful to look at and I'll bet it's a winner to drink too.

  10. Oooh, this twist on mimosas is genius! Even better than the original! If I wouldn't have to take a nap by mid-morning, I would have loved this with my Valentine's Day breakfast :) Hope yours was a good one!!!

  11. This looks so yummy!!! I love grapefruit drinks - so pretty too :)

  12. Love the color..great idea!! pinning on group board!!


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