Happy Thanksgiving And The Plan For My Turkey

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
    Sorry I have been out of touch! Last week my baby had a horrible ear infection, I fought a migraine for most of the week, our daughters pet bird passed on and well the list seemed to compound keeping me from having time to take pictures and post, but I did want to let everyone know before I kick into high gear with cooking over the next 3 days how thankful I am for everyone who takes time to read my blog and all the friends I have made! You are all amazing!

The second part of this post I thought I would talk about my mammoth free range turkey. Yesterday we headed out to pick up our turkey from the butchers only to be offered a 28.83 pound turkey. I had reserved a 26 pounder but my husbands face lit up like Christmas at the idea of this mammoth. So I agreed... My plan of attack for preparation will be to mix butter with some fresh sage, rosemary and thyme and rub all the buttery goodness up under the skin over the breast and the legs. Any leftover butter will then be distributed over the breast on the top of the bird. I then stuff the inside cavity with stuffing, but not packing the stuffing too tight and tie the legs and skewer the bottom. My secret weapon I have been using for the last 12 years is..... Should I really give it away is the question? Ok..Ok...I will... I soak cheesecloth ( folded until it covers the top of the turkey and tucking in the sides as needed) in butter, wine and chicken or turkey stock mixture and drape it over the turkey. It produces such moist breast meat it is incredible.  I pop it into a 300 degree oven and cook until the turkey is done, dependent on size. I baste every 20 minutes and remove the cheese cloth a 1/2 hour before the turkey is done. I always double check the thigh and stuffing temperature using an instant read thermometer, the thigh should register 180 to 185 degrees when done and the stuffing 165 degrees. I know not very fancy, no pictures and my explanations rather.. blah but I figure if anyone really has questions feel free to ask! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and eats lots of yummy goodness! Hopefully I will be posting a little here and there as I go over the next few day.


  1. The turkey idea is brilliant! Love the kids pic :) I hope you are feeling better. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. The cheesecloth is an excellent idea! Does the skin still get golden brown and crisp?

  3. The skin does become golden. I remove the cheese cloth 1/2 an hour before the turkey is scheduled to be done. I added a picture to this post http://thymeofourlife.blogspot.com/2011/11/one-and-only-turkey.html I will have to update the post since I missed that step!


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