Weekly Meal Plan 4

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weekly meal plan ideas to help with breakfast and dinner. Weekly Plan 4.

Weekly Meal Plan 4 | Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch
This past week we didn't adhere to our menu plan very well.
Colt called me Friday afternoon and asked me out to a dinner date. How could I say no? The last few months we've been awful about dating so I was super excited.
He surprised me pizza for the kids, flowers and movie tickets to see Divergent since we had both read the book. We had a great time other then my constant shifting from my back acting up from sitting too long, even with a few trips to the bathroom so I didn't just look like a weirdo standing in the back of a movie theater. He had tried to reserve the reclining seats at ipic but they had already been reserved, he really went out of his way to set up a great date.
Then Saturday morning we had to head to Kirkland for a blood test for our health insurance and we couldn't eat for 12 hours before hand so we enjoyed breakfast out. It was like having another date day.
On the way home we stopped at Trader Joes and somehow during check out Colt told the girl in the check out he married a model. I just about died. The last time I modeled was when I was 2 years old, I really don't feel like that qualifies but she thought it was the cutest thing ever and she was pregnant so next thing I know she's tearing up. I have to watch him closely.....
By Sunday Buddy our dog really wasn't feeling well so Monday we brought him into the vet. It looks like it was just an ear infection, I was pretty sure our dog was dyeing but he seems to be doing a lot better today and was back to begging at the dinner table last night. I never thought I would say I was thankful he was in the kitchen begging. 
Hopefully we'll be back on track this following week.

The names of the recipes are links directly to the recipes. At the bottom of each post there is a blue recipe tab right before the directions for the recipe. This tab can be used to save ingredient list in Ziplist and to create a shopping list for the ingredients you will need for the week. I love Ziplist because it's taken the hassle out of trying to figure out what I need for each recipe before I head to the store, it does all the work for you.

Perfect Waffles

Breakfast: Perfect Waffles with Fruit.

We make a double batch of these on Sunday morning and freeze the leftovers immediately on a cookie sheet before storing in a ziploc bag for an easy weekday breakfast option. We just reheat the leftovers in the toaster.


Dinner: Clams with Linguine and Pan Roasted Asparagus


Dessert: Leftover Very Berry Pie 


Breakfast: Homemade Yogurt, Granola and Fresh Fruit.


Meatless Monday Dinner: Curly Endive with Spaghetti  and Colt's Cheesy Garlic French Bread


Dessert: I Want To Marry You Chocolate Chip Cookies


Breakfast: Leftover Frozen Waffles, Eggs and Fresh Fruit.

Dinner: Sausage, Kale and Potato Soup

Dessert: Leftover I Want To Marry You Chocolate Chip Cookies


Breakfast: Blueberry Muffins, Fresh Fruit and Eggs.


Dinner: Gluten Free Chicken Tamale Skillet

Dessert: Skip, Fruit or Ice Cream


Breakfast: Frozen Waffles, Leftover Muffins, Eggs and Fresh Fruit.

Dinner: Balsamic Steak Shish Kabobs 


Breakfast: Pineapple Strawberry Raspberries Smoothies and Eggs.


Dinner: Combination French Bread Pizza


Dessert: Fresh Pineapple Upside Down Cake


Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos

Dinner: I'm leaving open because we might have a night out.

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  1. Good for you that you had a night out with hubby. I am a true believer in the sanctity of "date-night"! My husband and I have always gone through phases of having weekly date nights and then not having them. Our marriage feels so much stronger when we have regular date nights. When our kids were growing up, we finally had to make a rule that we would not talk about the kids when were out alone together on our dates. At first we struggled with what to say to each other, but as we worked at it we found that we could spend time focusing on us as a couple and as individuals.

  2. That story with the cashier cracked me up! Also, can I come over for dinner please? ;-)


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